1. Pre-Production: Where it all begins

We will work with you to establish a budget, scope and timeline. From there, we’ll get to work on a storyboard and identify what we’ll need to make this production come to life.


2. Production: Let’s Film!

We will assemble the appropriate team, with everything from cameras to teleprompters and drones to animators to tell your story and capture it properly.


3. Post-Production: Bringing it all together

We will bring together all of the audio and visuals and assemble the final video, working with your team through multiple rounds of revisions to ensure you receive a film with an emotional narrative and stunning visuals.



Check out where we’ve worked before — and let us know where is next

We believe stories exist everywhere, and therefore, our productions have no location limitations. Over the last decade we’ve had the privilege of filming on-location in over 35 states and across 5 continents.

Simply put, travel is not an obstacle for us. We consider ourselves professionals not only in filming, but managing travel budgets and cramming *a lot* of light stands into one Pelican case.


JetBlue in San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Morgan Stanley in Barcelona, Spain

National Geographic Partners in St. George’s, Bermuda

Water Mission International in Great Abacos, Bahamas



Video marketing is proven to increase brand exposure and build long-lasting relationships with your clients, customers or donors. Video productions are eye-catching, explanatory and make complex concepts easier to grasp for customers and clients alike. When you present your brand through a film, it resonates with viewers in a powerful way.


From Pre-Production to Filming and Editing, we are excited to bring our experience to the table to bring your brand to life.

Filmiamo produces a variety of content and can customize our services based on your vision, brand voice and specific needs.

We recognize that no two projects are alike – and possess the skills, talent and resources to customize our production to fit your project.